Terms ,conditions and methods of payment

General conditions :

1. In general

Travel agency FARUS TRAVEL mediates between the Guest and the service provider and thus provides the guest with accommodation according to the published information available on the website http://www.farus-travel.com/en, in the agreed time, except in case of extraordinary circumstances or force majeure 

* Force majeure is a circumstance that cannot be influenced because it cannot be predicted, and therefore not eliminated (earthquakes, floods, fires, strikes, terrorist actions, wars, death of the service provider or his immediate family).

2. Reservations and payment

Inquiries for reservations are received online by online inquiry (www.farus-travel.com), by email, telephone, fax or in person at the agency's premises.

After your selection of accommodation and sending an inquiry within 24 hours you will receive our answer whether the reservation is possible.


Payment methods:


2. Internet banking

Payment within the territory of the Republic of Croatia:

The amount according to the offer is paid to the account number;

HR 8224020061140261585

(Farus Travel travel agency, Grabrova 37, 51262 Kraljevica,Croatia)


CALL NUMBER: Please enter the number of the offer according to which you are making the payment.


Payment from abroad:

The amount according to the offer is paid to the account number;

HR 8224020061140261585

(Farus Travel travel agency ,Grabrova 37, 51262 Kraljevica, Croatia)


  Bank Adress;

 Erste & Steiermärkische Bank, Jadranski Trg 3a


Payment must be made within 48 hours of receiving the offer.


3. General payment slips

4. Card payment

PBZ Card Premium Visa cards® 

PBZ Visa and Maestro 

ZABA Mastercard® 

ZABA Visa - once.


After the successful authorization, the user receives a confirmation via e-mail (e-mail) whether the authorization was successful or unsuccessful.

When paying with cards, we use CorvusPay (Virtual Pos) - an advanced system for secure acceptance of payment cards via the Internet.

CorvusPay ensures the complete confidentiality of your card data as soon as it is entered into the CorvusPay payment form.


4. Certificates of payment

After the advance payment - when your payment is visible on our account, you will receive an invoice and a voucher by e-mail.


5. Changes and cancellation of the reservation

For cancellation more than 40 days before the start of the agreed period, the agency refunds the full amount of the commission less 20 Euros fixed


In case the Guest cancels the reservation, after less than 40 days there is no right to refund the advance.

before the expiration of the agreed term, the agency charges the full amount of the arrangement.



Guests arrive at the accommodation unit after 14:00, and on the day of departure they leave the accommodation unit by 10:00.


7. Complaints

If the guest is not satisfied with the service provided by the agency, he is free to inform the agency about the dissatisfaction by phone, e-mail, fax or arrival in person.



By purchasing a trip, you accept the general travel conditions of the FARUS TRAVEL travel agency, which defines all the rights and obligations of the Agency and the passenger (buyer).



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